Craving for some tasty & flavorful
Indian food ? Come to 'Spice n Flavor'
301 N, Jackson Ave #6
San Jose, CA 95133

2017 Ona Sadya

Please join us for a grand Ona Sadya (feast) on banana leaves with 15 vegetarian items served by our family & friends. On Sunday September 3 at 12.30 pm, 1.30 pm & 2.30 pm. Please text 516 655 4317 or email to reserve your seats with name, number of adults & kids. Adults $20, Kids under 10 $12.

Curry Bowls

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Spice n Flavor, Flavorful Indian Cuisine was started by Chef Tom Vellaringattu on Aug 6, 2016 in San Jose, California, USA. Tom's mom gave him the inspiration to cook as he spent several hours of his childhood in his parents' home. Later Tom got training in Indian cooking at the Institute of Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Chennai (previously Madras), India. He worked in hotel and catering field in India and Saudi Arabia before switching to computers. He moved to USA in 1987 and while working in computer field started an Indian spice mix company in New York in 1997. His lifelong ambition to start his own restaruant has come to fruition now.
Healthy homestyle cooking is Tom's motto and making the food very tasty and flavorful is his focus at Spice n Flavor Restaurant. Hope to see you at our restaurant soon. Thank you. For Home Deliveries visit Taro

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